WWC held their October 2 event at the Pepin Cestero Arena at Bayamon. Havoc, of the WWc Forum, reported the action as follow:

1-Rikochet defeated Angel to retain the WWC Junior Heavyweight Title, after a top rope move and a splash. After the match they argue but at the final Argel raised Rikochet’s hands signaling him as the winner.

2-Niche & Lynx defeated Comandante & Dave D’Jour.

3-On a match for the Woman Title, Black Rose defeated Debbie Rose to win the title. Lynx distracted the referee so Niche came and applied a top rope kick to Ross and then Rose applied a top rope splash to win the match that way.

4-On a World Tag Team Titles vs. Mask match, Thunder & Lightning defeated BJ & Chicano to preserve their mask and winning the tag team titles. Match came to an end when Lightning used a knux to knock Chicano to win the title.

5-On amatch for the Caribbean Title, Hiram Tua defeated Hideo Sato by DQ, so Sato retained the title. Final came when Sato blinded Tua ith salt.

6-On an special challenge, Joe Don Smith defeated Chris Joel. Final came when Joe tries a school boy against Joel but he holds himself from Artache, who pushed him back. Then Joel slapped the referee, who in response attacked him so Joe ended doing the school boy and that way pinned Joel. After the match Joel took a chair and attacked both, referee Artache and Joe, until BJ and Rikochet came to the rescue.

7-On a No DQ match to pick the top contender for the Universal Title, Joe Bravo faced Gilbert. Match started with Bravo doing a surprising attack on Gilbert. Match took place all over the place, with changes of offensive. Golbert covered Bravo, but count was 2 as Bravo had a foot on the rope, Later happened the same for Bravo, Jose Chaparro distracted the referee, Bravo used a knux, knocked Gilbert and finallt won the match that way. Jose Chaparro took the microphone and said that when he was in Japam he heard that Gilbert wanted to take care of his business so then Bravo and Chaparro attacked Gilbert. Later Chaparro told Bravo that with him he can get the Universal Title.

8-Carlitos defeated Black Pain by DQ to retain the Puerto Rican Title. Jose Chaparro interfered when carlitos was about to do his 787. Pain used his chains and attacked Carlitos, causing the DQ. Carlitos was attacked by Chapoarro and Pain. Sweet nancy (who in real life is engaged to Carlitos) tried to reach the ring, but was stopped by the ring crew security. Chicano and BJ finally did the save.