Main Event For Live Smackdown Announced, Sd Star On Twitter

A suit pitting CM Punk in opposition to The Undertaker has been announced for fri.’s live SmackDown debut on Syfy.
Additionally introduced for the display is Alberto Del vs. Rey Mysterio and appearances by John Cena and The Nexus.
— For those unaware, Alberto Del Rio’s non-public ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, has lengthy had an account on Twitter. His Twitter deal with is positioned at RRWWE.
He turned into recently brought to the SmackDown roster web page on WWE.Com and is as a result taken into consideration a complete fledged WWE celeb.
— the subsequent matches had been announced for day after today night’s episode of WWE Superstars on WGN the united states:
* Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger
* The Bella Twins (with Jamie) vs. Jillian & Alicia Fox (with Maxine)