IWA held their October 2 at the Municipal Coliseum at Añasco. The promotion reported the action as follow:

1-Barbie Boy defeated Enigma.

2-Zlade defeated Julian Jamrock.

3-Atomo & Sonico defeated Iron Wyre & Mike Dagger to win the spot to become the IWA Tag Team Tiltes challengers. After the match The Kongs (tag team champions) came and attacked The Kids Superheros (the name that the company gave Atomo and Sonico are as tag team) until Rick Stanley & Dennis Rodriguez did the save.

4-Xix Xavant defeated Renegado.

5-Savio Vega defeated Manson.

6-Diabolico defeated Spectro when he knocked Spectro with the Intercontinental Title. Match started at the dressing room and they came to the ring to start the in ring action.

7-On a Puerto Rican Title & IWA Title vs. Tag Team titles match ended when Dennis Rivera & Rick Stanley defeated The Kongs to become the new Tag Team champions. That way both are double champions as Denis is the Puerto Rican champion and Stanley is the IWA champion.