ROH Wrestling sent out the following today:

– El Generico vs. Kevin Steen – Final Battle 2010 Hype Video:

New Match for Final Battle 2010:

It’s been nearly a year since Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli declared their return to tag team competition at the expense of the newly crowned champions, Jay & Mark Briscoe, at “Final Battle 2009”. Four months later, at “The Big Bang”, the KoW bested the brothers and claimed the ROH World Tag Titles as their own. Their return bout at “Death Before Dishonor VIII” was a bloody violent affair in which the Kings retained the belts through some creative use of the “loaded” elbow pad. And their 3rd title bout, coming up on HDNet”, again saw Chris & Claudio walk out with the belts after some assistance from Shane Hagadorn. Three matches with the belts on the line, and all three with the same result. Besides those three bouts, the ROH faithful have seen singles wins traded back-and-forth as well as involvement from Sara Del Rey, Shane Hagadorn, and Mike “Papa” Briscoe that has turned a title chase into something far more personal.

Now despite the methods in which the KoW have beaten the Briscoes, the fact remains that they have beaten the Sandy Fork natives on three separate occasions with those belts on the line. As such, and as evidenced by the upcoming bout in Chicago Ridge, ROH officials have determined that the Briscoes will not receive another title shot at the Kings. But, as witnessed this weekend in Philadelphia, the Kings and Hagadorn boast they will defend the belts against any team that can beat them in a non-title match.

With that in mind, and in light of the intensely personal animosity that has developed, Executive Producer Jim Cornette declared “The Kings will face Jay & Mark Briscoe at ‘Final Battle 2010’ in non-title action. Not only that but in addition both Shane Hagadorn and Papa Briscoe will take part in this match as well! It will be a 6-Man Tag pitting The Briscoe Family against The Kings of Wrestling & Shane Hagadorn!”

“There is an obvious vendetta Jim Cornette has against The Kings of Wrestling.” stated Chris Hero, “He continues to give his boys chance after chance to prove they can hang with the Kings, and now he wants to force our Ace into a match as well? Old man Briscoe shouldn’t be wrestling, he should be in jail for assault! Instead Jim threatens us…threatens me…well the Kings don’t respond well to threats. The hell unleashed on the Briscoe family at ‘Final Battle’ is all going to be on your head Jim. I want everyone to remember that when the Briscoe clan celebrates their Christmas in the hospital!”

The Briscoe Family vs. The Kings of Wrestling & Shane Hagadorn, “Final Battle 2010”, December 18th, get your tickets here: http://www.rohwrestling.com/store.php?sec=prod&prod=387!