Below are some frequently asked questions that we receive.

* Is this an official WWE/TNA/Indy website?
No. Instead of being an official site, in which only official WWE/TNA/etc. content would be carried, we specialize in insider content from all over the world of wrestling. Wrestlingpro.info is the place to go if you want to know what really is going down in the world of wrestling.

* Is the news fake like all those “rumor sites”?
Absolutely not. Our news comes from various reliable and respected sources within the various wrestling companies we cover. Although much of our content is not sponsored by WWE/TNA/etc., we do not practice the reporting of totally false or made-up rumors. If the news does not come from one of our reporter’s sources, you can be sure that it is from a respected news source such as PWTorch.com, PWInsider.com, ProWrestling.net, WrestlingObserver.com, or a number of other reliable media outlets.

* Why come here, when I could get the news directly from the “source sites” you
just mentioned?

The purpose of Wrestlingpro.info’s newsboard is to prevent people from having to go to 5 different websites just to get the latest scoop. All you have to do is check out the Wrestlingpro.info newsboard and be sure that it’s the absolute latest released wrestling news, rather than having to go to a bunch of different sites just to find the latest updates. With pro wrestlers and contacts in the wrestling industry working with Wrestlingpro.info, you can be sure to get the absolute latest legit news. Wrestlingpro.info is being worked on 24 hours a day, and often has updates not found on other websites.

* What is the best way to view Wrestlingpro.info?
To most effectively view Wrestlingpro.info, set your browser resolution to 1024×768. Additionally, your best bet is to use Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome will both also work fine. Although this site is supported by the Netscape and AOL, it loads the fastest and looks the best in IE or Mozilla Firefox.

* How was Wrestlingpro.info designed?
Wrestlingpro.info was designed by using advanced graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop and others. The coding was done by using both notepad, and advanced editing programs such as Dreamweaver.

* I saw a really cool article on wrestlingpro.info – Can I use it on my website?
You may take news from wrestlingpro.info and link to the articles on your page. If you wish to copy and paste an article onto your page, please include a credit and link to wrestlingpro.info.

* Why are there popup and banner advertisements?
Due to the large costs of keeping a website online and above the competition these days, we have popup ads and banner advertisements on here so we aren’t losing too much money by paying for server bills, new site software development, designs, etc. We REALLY try to keep our ads and especially popups to a minimum, and take pride in being one of the top wrestling websites with the least amount of popups.

* How is wrestlingpro.info made and how do you have so much cool programming?
wrestlingpro.info is coded entirely in PHP with mySQL integration. Our reporters/columnist can remotely submit their news, and it instantly becomes integrated with the site and headline search. Don’t know what PHP is? http://www.php.net.